How To Win Friends and Influence People with 10 Tips for Your 10-Minute Presentation

Get ahead of the game by getting focused support to dial-up your 10-Minute Talk!
So you have to give a presentation, and you’re somewhere on the spectrum from edgy to terrified.
Does it seem easy for other people to breeze through their presentations but when it’s your turn you struggle or choke because you don’t know exactly what to say or how to say with confidence?

Truth is, there is some craft and skill involved in creating a powerful presentation but it doesn’t have to be hard.

That’s why i created a simple but powerful framework to help you create, prepare and polish 10-Minute Talk so that you’re ready for show time. 

In this 4 Step System I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process to help you give the time and attention your unique presentation deserves so that you hit it out of the park every time! You can shine in front of the room. You can have stage presence. I promise. 

4-Session Program Begins June 14th
4:30 pm (Eastern/New York Time)

In addition to my personal attention you will get:
Session 1: Topic Title And Content - June 14th
Discover and implement my unique Content Clarity System to structure your presentation so that you infuse your talk with your own voice and personality.  

Session 2: Your Attention-Getting Intro and the Value You Bring - June 21st
How to capture your audience’s attention from the get-go, exactly what to deliver in your talk and articulate your audience’s take-aways.

Session 3: First Draft Deep-Dive - June 28th
Polish and prep the first draft of your talk and get structured feedback from your peers and my personal support to tweak and refine your 10-Minute Talk.

Session 4: LIVE Presentation Practice! - July 12th
Every participant will have the opportunity to do their “final dress rehearsal” so that you are fully prepared and excited when the curtain goes up for real!

In This Highly Interactive 4-Session Program You Will:

  • Supercharge your presentation with an easy to follow structure so that you are confident and well prepared to say “yes” to any opportunity to promote your business with your message.
  • Learn to express your message with assurance and ease.
  • Clarify your message and discover the power of words.
  • Make a call to action that isn’t salesy and positions you for a “yes” from your target market.
  • Individual coaching designed to help you generate ideas, inspiration and insight that is unique to YOU!
  • ​Have the opportunity to present your talk in a virtual setting and receive feedback. This is where the what and the how come together. We don’t just talk about your talk! We make it happen in real time. This is the difference that the Win It ~ Don’t Wing It! program brings to you. 
  • ​Generate a stage-setter bio that is a critical part of your presentation. You’ll learn why this is so important and it will set you apart.
  • ​Discover how to use body language to position you in the minds and hearts of your audience.
  • ​Receive proven tips, techniques and tools to expand your repertoire.
The investment for this program is $3,000 but for a limited time you can join me to create your clear, compelling talk and be able to deliver it with confidence for only $197. Others charge upwards to $5000 for less one-on-one attention. 
Here’s what past participants have to say about this streamlined and results-based course:
I want to express how this delightful course has helped my public speaking. Lorraine is an exceptional instructor in the art of public speaking. She teaches her students how to start a presentation and how to captivate your audience from the start. All the techniques you learn in the Win It ~ Don’t Wing It! program will help you present with ease and confidence. I highly recommend this program. – Jenny H. .
Whether you’re “seasoned” at the art of presenting your business to others in 10 minutes, or you’re a “newbie” to this very important business skill, Lorraine Lane’s “Win it ~ Don’t Wing it!” program is a must! She takes you from start to finish in the “easy to understand” weekly classes. You end up with a 10 minute presentation you can always use when you are asked to talk about your business. As with all of Lorraine Lane’s seminars, you will love the result! This program is awesome and so is Lorraine!  - Lori S.
These skills are critical to thrive during the times we are in. Don’t wait until next year to get your 10-Minute Talk and your clear, compelling content dialed in. There are more opportunities to speak virtually than ever before. People are hungry for content. When you get your 10-Minute Talk dialed in you will position your business to finish 2020 strong and build momentum for the coming year!

4-Session Program Begins June 14th
4:30 pm (Eastern/New York Time)

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